Data Analysis Tutorials for Agencies?

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How I thought of the idea to offer data analysis tutorials to agencies….

While working as a Media Analyst over the past few years, I realized I was essentially performing the same kinds of analysis over and over again for different accounts. The clients and media teams may have been different, but the analyses were roughly the same.

Smart Digital Spending Tutorials

Smart Digital Spending Tutorials

Clients ask the SAME questions and want to know that their agency is spending their advertising dollars wisely.

  • What is the maximum amount we can spend online each week in order to maintain our cost per acquisition goal?
  • Should we invest all our money in paid search so that we can be in the top position of search results?
  • Besides looking at CTR and CPC, how can we measure the performance of the publishers/sites we are running on?
  • Is there way to see all my media activity and campaign results in one report… like a Media Dashboard?

Different Clients…… Same Questions………Same Kinds of Analysis

Sames kinds of Analysis can be performed for any Advertiser no matter if:

  • The account is Large or Small
  • It is a branding or direct response campaign
  • The campaign has ran for several years or just a few weeks

I was performing the same kinds of analysis over and over using the same kind of data! Impressions are impressions, clicks are clicks, money spent is money spent, and conversions are conversions. Of course not every advertiser is the same, but their data is!

Analysis that help media planners evaluate publishers beyond CTR and CPC, techniques that enable search associates to quickly evaluate thousands of keyword, models that forecast conversion volume based on historical spend….. and more! These analysis are simple to perform yet very effective and can easily be learned! No need to take a statistics course, do not have to be an Excel whiz, Media Planners and Search Associates can do these on their own!

I provide you with step-by-step written, audio and video instructions! Each tutorial is based off a real world example. As shown,  written instructions also include illustrations of what to expect when working in Excel.  An Excel file with sample data comes along with each analysis along with a video that takes you from start to finish on how each analysis was completed! Your team can see how the data was organized and how formulas were calculated in Excel!

Online Marketing Tutorials

Online Marketing Tutorials

Snapshot of Excel file with sample data….

Online Data Analysis - Smart Digital Spending

Online Data Analysis - Smart Digital Spending

Snapshot of Video with Audio…

Smart Digital Spending Video Tutorial

Smart Digital Spending Video Tutorial

So why did I think of the idea of providing Online Marketers with data analysis tutorials designed to enhance campaign performance?

  • An experienced dedicated online media analyst costs too much money to hire. In addition, in today’s job market we know that employees change jobs every two years or so taking with them all that knowledge.
  • You cannot afford to waste time learning how to perform data analysis techniques on your own
  • You want to develop the skills of your media planners and search associates because the more your employees know, the better equipped they will be to solve problems, satisfy clients, and help your company grow

To see the full presentation on how I thought of the idea to provide agencies with data analysis tutorials, email me at [email protected]

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