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Should a company focus their search marketing efforts on Paid Search (PPC) or Organic Search (SEO)?

This question was posted on LinkedIn a few days ago and it sparked some good responses. In my experience working on different client accounts, I’ve noticed that visitor referrals arriving from organic search tend to stay on a site longer and view more pages than referrals coming in from paid search. In essence, organic visitors are more qualified traffic.



Jon Baer writes: PPC will give you “quick hits”. You can set up a PPC quickly and start seeing results in 48 hours. PPC is a good way to test keywords that you want to be organically optimized for.

SEO is better in the long term. It is cheaper and if you continuously update your site, you will reap the benefits for a long time.

Mary Jo Caruso writes: PPC is instant gratification (depending on your budget) you will appear on the first page of search engines immediately.

SEO is a long term strategy. It will take time to increase your rankings and there are no guarantees of search engine placement. Most people do not want to hear that they have to spend time and money on something that is not guaranteed, however, if you look at SEO over time, it usually yields a better ROI than PPC.

Bobby Duebelbeis writes: By using paid placement within search engine results, you are only starting with a 11 – 15% impression rate. Take your average 4% click-thru-rate from that, and then weed out another 4-5%  of people who actually convert from that number. Congratulations! You’ve whittled down your audience to 5 people after spending $10,000/month on PPC (This is an exaggeration but I am sure you get the point).

These are some great comments from very knowledgable people in the industry. Now if your site already ranks high in organic listings, should you still do PPC? Or, lets say you had the budget, should you pay to keep search terms in the top position versus lower positions? Feel free to read more of my blog posts for these answers.

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