How to determine brand impact of TV?

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Is there an easy way to assess the impact that your TV campaign is having on your brand?

How does TV Impact Brand Awareness?

How does TV Impact Brand Awareness?

‘Savvy’ account managers will tell you that TV urges consumers toward other channels like paid search to learn more about the product or service – and for the most part they are right. People viewing a TV ad that relates to their interests may follow up with a search, which means that search activity (keyword impression volume) on keywords that you bid on, may experience a lift resulting in more search clicks and search conversions.

However, you shouldn’t just look at search activity. Advertisers have gotten a lot smarter and tend to increase their search budgets during the period when their TV campaign is on-air. Like any media analyst who is worth his salt will tell you, keyword impression volume tends to correlate strongly with search spend simply because you now have more share of voice in the marketplace which leads to your search ads appearing more. This of course, puts a damper on the ‘your TV ads are working since search campaign activity is experiencing a lift’ argument.

Instead, you should look at _____________ which is a great proxy for Brand Awareness Impact. It IS Quantitative evidence to show if your TV campaign is affecting consumers without relying on qualitative survey data or other assumptions about how TV urges consumers to other channels.

This little, yet so informative metric can be:

  • a good indication of commercial wear out
  • help determine the ‘lag time’ of when consumers no longer recall the TV ad after the TV campaign has ended
  • compare one TV campaign against another
  • assess what kind of lift is expected depending on the number of TV GRPs in the marketplace
  • also look to determine if traffic spikes when other offline channels like Radio, Newspaper, Magazine are On-Air
  • even when you are not running a TV campaign or other offline media, it is a good way to see if there is any seasonality for your business

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