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November 1, 2009 · 5 Comments

Smart Digital Spending

Free Digital Marketing Data Analysis Tutorials available for download:

Beyond CTR

Beyond CTR and CPC Tutorial (download here)

Identify which publishers are driving your target market to key pages on your website (something that CTR, CPA, and CPC cannot do).



search volume efficiency analysis

Search Volume / Efficiency Tutorial

Quickly evaluate paid keywords, reduce spend and increase paid search ROI. Read more here.



diminishing returns

How to forecast online conversions tutorial

Forecast Online conversions or orders using historical spend and campaign results.Can be used with paid search or online display activity. Read more here.



Profit Maximizing Analysis

Profit Maximizing Analysis

How much should you charge for a product you’ve never sold before? Read more here.

search position placement strategy


Paid Search Keyword Position Tutorial

Does it make sense for your top keywords to be in position #1 or in lower positions? Read more here.


Call to Action Analysis

Determine which ‘call to action’ works best tutorial

Determine which ‘call to action’ actually influences orders placed on your website. Read more here.


Mobile Ad Networks Directory

Complete Directory of Mobile Advertising Networks

Full list of mobile ad networks constantly refreshed and includes 20+ networks. Read more here.


in-game networks directory

Complete Directory of In-Game Advertising Networks

Full list of In-game ad networks constantly refreshed. Read more here.



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