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Reasons you need an Experienced Online Marketing Analyst Consultant

October 16, 2009 · Leave a Comment

Reasons why you need an Online Marketing Analyst Consultant:

  1. Clients want Accountability. Advertisers are becoming more focused on how their online advertising dollars are being spent and a Freelance Online Marketing Analyst can help you generate a better return on your clients’ investments.
  2. A freelance online marketing analyst can help you confidently forecast online conversions if digital spend were to increase or decrease.
  3. A digital analyst consultant can help you determine which paid keywords are dragging down overall performance and which search terms are under-invested
  4. It’s much easier to hire a freelance digital analyst than it would be to try learning data analysis techniques on your own with trail-and-error methods.
  5. More cost effective solution than trying to recruit and hire a full-time online marketing analyst
  6. A digital analyst can help you rank mobile publishers from worst to best across multiple metrics
  7. Can help you determine which creative statistically performs better
  8. An online media analyst can help you set-up a Media Dashboard
  9. Can help you evaluate display publishers beyond CTR and CPC
  10. An Online Marketing Analyst will likely increase your client retention rate as a result of helping to solve problems and enhancing online campaign performance.

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