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How to measure your brands online reputation

October 31, 2009 · Leave a Comment

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How to track your reputation online


What is reputation, and why does it matter?

According to the ever-accurate Wikipedia, reputation is a “social evaluation of the public towards a person … or organization”. This evaluation is considered when making decisions regarding that person or organization, such as whether to make a purchase from them. In fact, according to a reference in the same Wikipedia article, a good reputation can be directly linked to the ability to charge higher prices (for example, on eBay).

In some ways, reputation is the post-sales equivalent of what brand is to pre-sales. You can buy brand, but have to earn reputation. Especially in the online world, where brand has less sway over your purchasing and visiting decisions, reputation should be your long-term priority.

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In short, then: reputation = revenue.

Measuring reputation – and importantly, how it changes as you implement tactical decisions or write about particular subjects – is therefore incredibly important, so that you can determine what works and what doesn’t.

In the physical world, this measurement is especially difficult, and relies heavily on surveys. It’s not particularly straightforward online either, but at least we have some fairly easy-to-calculate metrics that can be used as starting points.

read full article here.

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List of Marketing Analytics Firms

October 31, 2009 · Leave a Comment

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A Directory of Marketing Analytics Companies:
Marketing Analytics Group LLC

24400 Meadow Brooke Ln
Cleveland, MO 64734

Marketing Analytics Group
8236 Linden Dr
Prairie Village, KS 66208

Agencies that download free SDS advertising tutorials
Marketing Analytics
2306 1/2 Orrington Ave
Evanston, IL 60201

Marketing Management Analytics
15 River Rd
Wilton, CT 06897



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What not to do when running an email marketing campaign

September 9, 2009 · 1 Comment

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I highly recommend to avoid doing these 3 things when running an email marketing campaign:

(In no particular order)

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1. Do not launch an email blast without testing at least 3 different subject lines. Send 3 groups each with a different subject line to determine which subject line generated the best open rate, then use that subject line in your real email blast.

2. Do not send your email blast without first sending it to a few colleagues and friends. Reason? To see if it ends up in their junk email box. If your email is going to junk email, then you need to change the subject line; typically avoid using words like ‘free’.

Free tutorials

3. Do not have more than 40 characters in the subject line

Rather than write more about what not to do, or rather, tips on how to run a successful email campaign, I highly recommend you visit Dominique Hind’s blog that contains a wealth of good information on what makes a good email campaign. Just click on the pic below.

Dominique Hind

If you are looking for an email vendor to buy a list from, I suggest you do not use IscopeMedia. Once they receive your money, they forget about you – at least in my experience.

Thank you,

Eric Melchor

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Let me show you how easy advertising data analysis can be.

August 30, 2009 · 1 Comment

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The Online Marketing Analyst blog provides information on how to use online marketing data analysis techniques that can make your firm more competitive by improving its online media planning strategy for clients.

Whether you have a campaign that has been running three years or three months, whether its branding or direct acquisition, or its large or small, the Online Marketing Analyst blog offers solutions to meet your goals.

Agencies that use Free SDS Advertising data analysis tutorials

Data Analysis:

  • how to forecasts online conversions

free forecast tutorial

  • how to construct a media dashboard
  • how to assess publisher performance beyond CTR

beyond CTR tutorial

  • how to quickly and effectively optimize hundreds or even thousands of keywords

Paid Search Tutorial

  • how to rank mobile ad networks across multiple metrics from best to worst and more. (Click on Categories tab on the right to view tips).

The Online Marketing Analyst blog is brought to you by Smart Digital Spending – The FIRST company to provide SMEs and firms with written, audio and video advertising data analysis tutorials that are designed to enhance campaign performance. These tutorials can show you how to analyze your online campaign data and provide you with highly relevant insights that will allow you to take action.

Smart Digital Spending tutorials are based off of proven techniques that I have learned and applied after years of experience as a media planner and online marketing analyst on brands such as American Express, Amgen, Toshiba, Virgin Atlantic, Pizza Hut and more. A growing number of Marketing Directors and agencies are turning to Smart Digital Spending so they can determine the best way to allocate their budgets and maximize their online media planning strategy.

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Cost Effective and Easily Downloadable

I understand that you have limited resources and don’t have time to waste learning marketing data analysis techniques on your own. Smart Digital Spending provides a portfolio of tutorials at prices that can’t be beat.

click here

Thank you,

Eric Melchor, President

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